The Greek city of Herculaneum was founded around the6th century BC.
Towards the end of the first century BC the city became a holiday resort for the Roman aristocracy. Ercolano turned out to be more elegant and refined than Pompeii thanks to its original architecture, as well as for its natural position overlooking the Bay of Naples.
During the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, Herculaneum was buried by a river of mud which, coming down from the slopes of the volcano, flooded the city and solidified in the form of tuff, becoming, for centuries, the best defense against atmospheric agents .
The first findings were brought to light randomly in 1709, while in 1738 - 1765 real, systematic excavations were financed by the King of Naples, Carlo III of Bourbon.
The qualified guides will allow the visitor to immerse him or herself in the ancient world of Herculaneum,by illustrating all aspects of daily lifewith great passion.
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